World Hijab Day

Today marks the day of #worldhijabday, and as a veiled woman, myself, I wanted to share with you this blog entry. I have been wearing the hijab for as long as I can remember - and for those of you who do not know what hijab is, it is a veil Muslim women choose to wear to cover their hair and body. It is a type of modesty but, it also includes covering up the hair.

Many people, around the world, think of the hijab as an "obstacle" or something only the "oppressed" would wear. I would like to confirm that this can't be further away from the truth. I have been wearing it all of my life, and I have never felt it is an obstacle or it oppressed me from doing anything. On the contrary, it is been always the main factor of encouragement and self-esteem. I forced people to talk to me for who I am, not how I look. Hijab does hide a major portion of the women's beauty: her hair, so not every woman is capable of comprising her hair, and not every woman will feel confident while doing so.

The main drive is spiritual and religious, but it does not deny that it is a part of the Muslim girl's life and who she is, at least it is for me. It differentiated me from the rest of the world and makes me stand different and tall - especially when I am around people who are not accustomed to hijab or seeing women with one.

For all my hijabis out there: be proud and wear it like a crown, because you are royal.

For all my women out there: your beauty is who you are as a person, not how you look.

I love you all,

Keep Safe

Keep Humble

Keep Kind