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In Focus: Haya Abou Gazya

"Women supporting women", a phrase I have been reading for a while now. Every now and then, I stumble upon a post encouraging women to have their own careers, and for other women to support them. Articles have been written, and businesses have been built around, and for, women. For this, I am proud, being a woman myself. Taking the phrase into action, Haya introduced me to her business and what she does.

I came across Haya while I was promoting my Instagram page, and asking people to support me - how convenient! she contacted me as soon as she saw my comment. Knowing what she does, I could not be surprised. She intrigued me to write more about her and what she offers to the women's community.

After a lovely chat between me and her, she introduced me to her podcast Finjan Kahwa Ma3a Haya (A Cup Of Cofee With Haya). The podcast talks about everything that may interest women - from winter markets and fashion shows to wellness and fine living. She takes any opportunity to feature a growing business at her podcast; giving a platform for entrepreneurs to grow and speak about their businesses and journies. When asked why she created the podcast; Haya answered "it is for helping other women to grow, supporting them to succeed and keep going" - that's the spirit we need more of in the world.

Haya hosts her guests at her own home and gets to know them personally before she gets them on her show. Giving the experience more warmth and friendliness; something most people with businesses lack due to the nature of the business world. It was refreshing to be part of her day for awhile - reading the messages between her and her guests, watching her "live" stories and how she scouts for women who require exposure and give them the chance to do just that, and being out there with all her bubbly energy and giving nature. What's fascinating, that Haya provides her time and platform without any monetary fees. All you have to do is to show up and have a cup of coffee with her!

It takes nothing, at all, to be a good person. Haya is one example among many on how to be of help to others. Through helping others, you help yourself to grow into a more passionate person and compassionate. Haya is a menifstation of talent and goodness - how you can utilize your time in growing through making others grow with you.

To know more about what she does, please visit her Instagram and Facebook pages by clicking on the below links:


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