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Today’s post will be introducing to you, yet another, inspirational individual I got to meet through this quarantine. As mentioned in my previous posts; since more time is spent online, I am getting the opportunity to come across individuals who work hard for the well-being of the community. I am a rookie in the field, therefore, I take pleasure in hunting talented professionals and presenting them to you. Afterall, it is the purpose of this blog – to get inspired to inspire.

Meet, Iman Tohami an individual who did not corner herself into a hole because of the current happenings in the world. A woman who is marching to help others realize they “are not alone” and that she is there, among many others, to provide guidance and help. Iman is young, yet her journey seems inspiring and uplifting. A psychology major, herself, she is raising her hand to be heard and make her voice clear: I am here for you and your well-being, and I am here for the long run! She is one of those people you pause and think “why am I complaining about again?”

Iman holds her own podcast where she discusses questions of real patients and strugglers of mental health illnesses and disorders. It is one thing to be a mental health advocate, and it is totally another to be dedicated to the field and doing everything you can to prove yourself creditable and worthy of the task. Iman came live with Manal Rostom, well-being and health icon, a top notch athlete and a social media influencer. Through the live Iman was able to give her two cents on how to maintain the wellness of your mind and keep your mental health in check, while in quarantine. Something that is said so many times, yet so important to hear it from someone who understands.

I got inspired by Iman, despite her young age, she can keep moving. I am sure she has her struggles like the rest of us, yet, she can push them aside in the sake of helping others and inspiring many in the process. I am honoured she allowed me to say a little bit of praise about her and her good work. The world needs more people like Iman and less people like nose-bleed-Susan who pleads for panic and fear!!!

To connect with Iman, reach her out via her Instagram page which is linked on her name above.


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