Take Off Your Mask

Get rid of that smile which is always followed by a suffocating cry.

Leave this tainted hand holding you down, deluding you into thinking it's helping you float.

Do not throw yourself into a throned embrace, thinking this is exactly what you need.

We are living with this mask, a fake cover which we became accustomed to. We have adapted ourselves to live inside this mask, and only the lucky ones are able to detect its' fakeness. The ones who looked at their mirror and touched their wounds. Those who are brave to say "My God, how can I laugh while having these scares, while I feel this excruciating pain. How can I stand still and pretend it is not there?"

Take off your mask, and tell me what do you see?

No matter how painful it is to face your truth, it is your truth, and sometimes facing the truth is the hardest thing you can do. But, do not be threatened, this is only at the beginning. When you take off your mask and live with your raw self, you will turn yourself never to return to it, again. You will be honest with yourself and love it before anyone else does. No, you will not need anyone else to love it with you.

Cry, cry as much as you want. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman. Crying is not gender-based, it is not even exclusive to humans. Every living being has the ability to cry; animals, plants, and every other creature out there. Why this ego you hold? why do you continue wearing this fake mask, while you can be vulnerable and honest. Why do you insist on "faking it" while you can cry if you want to? you hold that capacity, why dismiss it?

Face your pain and release these feelings. Leave those who try to poison you with their luring venom.

Taste their toxicity, so you know you should not continue with them. Remember, there are people who embrace you to possess you and control you.

Let me help you remove your mask, let me guide you through the journey. There is so much beauty in this life, we will discover it once we become human beings - without any masks, and without cover-ups.

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