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The seriousness of Cyberbullying.

With the highly sensitive world we live today; it is possible that you and I would have cyber-bullied someone without us knowing. The trick is not in not bullying, it is in detecting suspicious behaviours/ communication from yourself, and others , and toggling those patterns to prevent them from happening in the future. Before, even, starting to judge or call out someone for cyberbullying - evaluate your own behaviours online. We never know who is hurt by our words. While it is true that on the internet someone is bound to get offended by you, but we can do our best to minimise this possibility and not make it highly probable.

Other than watching what you type to others online and reading about how to avoid cyberbullying and bullies, you can always take serious actions if you are already a victim of this cyber crime.

Do not interact with the bullies

If someone is on your back online, you do not do not have to engage with them (I do these mistake, and it never works- they become more vicious and harmful with each reply). The more engagement they have, the more bullying will occur.

Do not be afraid to speak up

Threats, blackmail, hate speech, serial unwanted messages, and any offensive action that will cause you distress can be toxic to many others, not only you. Speak up, write about it, tell people and warn them of such behaviours. Staying silent, and being afraid of the bully or for whatever reason - will only make those trolls stronger and will give them the space to bully, and harass you more.

Distinguish between stating your opinion and being offensive

There is a fine line between being blunt, honest and opinionated, and rudeness, offensive and stubbornness. There is no guide to how you should communicate online, it is on you how you want to show yourself. Be careful with what you type, and try to be objective and do not give personal opinions to strangers - you do not know if their tolerance level is the same as your friends or not.

Report, restrict, block

This is the most important step, if someone is annoying you- block them. Most, if not all, social media platforms have this option. If you want them to learn a lesson, then report them and the social medium will help you get rid of them. Remember, you yourself can be offensive and toxic to someone out there.

Preserve your energy to the people you want to be around. I, myself, got banned from a community because I was deemed "whatever reasons that made them believe it is better if I am not there", and got blocked by an artist. While, that does not mean I am a toxic person or a bully - it means I am those things to THEM and they have the rights to protect themselves against whichever reasons that will cause them discomfort. Even if I see that I have done nothing wrong. The same goes to you, do not be afraid to cut people out if you feel bullied or attacked.

Stay well
Stay safe
Stay cyber protected

One of the highly recommended organisations that work against cyberbullying is Cybersmile.