There comes the hope waves

With hard times, the true cores of humanity comes in focus. Businesses unit to spread messages of hope and compassion and the kindness of the human soul comes most manifested. Despite the "crisis", there comes the hope that people are still filled with so much love to give and to receive. Exhale; a UAE fashion brand that is driven by soul not profit has launched, a beautifully crafted with passion, campaign #CompassionIsContagious.

Who said that fashion is only for clothing and looking good? fashion is a statement of identity and Nawal EL Masri is one of the few pioneers who is giving fashion a whole new sense of human compassion and unity. We are all one, united by the same core, despite races and ethnicities, that's what Exhale's campaign is all about. There are no better times than now to shout these words loud and clear to the world to hear.

The video of the campaign makes you fall in love with it more. No boundaries, no barriers. It is all about seeing one another as we are; humans. Without any masks and without fear, united to conquer and build an empire of inspirations of limitless ambitions. Take a look at the video here: #CompassionIsContagious, or there you go:

This will definitely switch up your mood and lift your spirits. It will change your perspective about brands and it'll give you faith that humans are capable of creating magnificent phenomenons, only if they set their mind into it. Let me highlight something for you:

“The aim is to highlight and emphasize that we are currently dealing and adapting to all that is going on in the world as a collective,” explains Nawal El Masri, Founder, and Director of exhale.

Let these words sink in for a minute. So, Nawal is saying that if we forget our difference for a tiny second and come together we will get through this crisis? yes, that's exactly what she says, and it can't be more true. Humans are miracles, by themselves, and we are already using so little of our brain capacity - if we unit, feel one another and be kinder and more compassionate - not a million pandemics will come through us. For that, we hail Nawal. She affirmed what we already know - as a human race, we are undefeatable - together and united.

Nawal teamed up with sukoun° identity studio and photographer Waleed Shah to bring the campaign into life. Sharing the same principles as Exhale, they created a masterpiece to admire and to dwell on for a very long time. Creatives have an opportunity to show their skins during these times, and Mohammed Abualqumssan and Noor Ali, Creative Director and Art Director at sukoun° identity studio did just that.

"At a time like this, we felt the need to remind people of our true identity, one that is not classified by race, age or class but rather the emotional trait of compassion, for us as visual creatives, we were keen on working with like-minded individuals to help spread a message that resonates with us all — come together for the better.” said Mohammed and Noor respectively.

There is a joy to be seen in every challenge and this campaign shows how people are driven by their hearts and passion. Not stopped by crisis and not slowed down by outside circumstances. It is a message of hope and motivation: you got to keep going, you are not going to make it alone, hang on to one another and we will make it through.

To learn more about the#CompassionIsContagiousCampaign, visit:

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