The Make-believe Land

I thought long and hard about my blog entry for today, somehow, I could not find the right subject to write about. I searched my mind and I kept going back and forth with my thoughts until I finally settled with a subject. I would write about the state of make-believe. Cliché? Could be. But I could not find a more accurate state of mind than this to describe what I want to share with the world today.

Have you ever woken up from sleep and wondered if you are still dreaming or not? Have you been in a state where your mind is not yet recognizing that your body is fully awake, and it is still in hibernation mode even though your r eyes are wide open? I did, or rather, I still do. I wake up every morning with a fully awaken body but with a brain that is still left in a make-believe land.

I am not sure if this is a good or a worrying thought, but it makes my brain occupied. It is like I am on a limbo state, where all my surroundings are a mere string of my imagination and the real world is no longer what it seems. To be honest, it motivates my creativity. It makes me want to write it all out, so I guess it is a good thing in that sense. But, on the worrying side, it is a tiring process.

Your brain does not know anymore what is real and what’s not. Everything looks blurry and unclear and only the world you created becomes visible to you. People you know, places you have been to, thoughts you want to keep, an entire world made by you and portrayed throughout the day by the reflections of your own brain. It is something that cannot be comprehended by the naked mind. You must have a wider vision to dive in this world of make-believe, you must see by your mind instead of your eyes and you must widen your thoughts to endure all its peculiarities.

But, after surpassing the tiring process there comes great benefits. It stimulates your mind to go beyond its limits and explore alternative worlds that you could not imagine existed. Although living in this state is dangerous and at one point in time you must snap out and back to reality, it never harms to stay there for a while. To take a break from the world around you and create a world of your own, where unicorns do exist and flying with wings is possible. It will give you the fuel to flare up an idea or even to start up a new story yourself.

I know, this post may sound ridiculous and does not make any sense, but I promised to bare my soul naked to the world through this blog and regardless of how silly an entry can look I would still write it and I would still share it with the world.

I am sure this state of mind is shared by many, or perhaps by a few, or maybe by only me – but that is okay, I wanted to get it out in the open, so it can take the burden of carrying it around less of a worry. I decided that every time I have a make-believe moment I would create a story, full storyboard with characters and a plot twist. This way, I would facilitate this momentary imagination blockage into something magical that can turn into a beautiful, or even eccentric, story.

Just like this blog post, it is a product of a make-believe moment where my mind blocked the real world and indulged completely with what I am typing. Perhaps one of my future entries would be about one of the stories I created through my make-believe portals. Who knows? Stay tuned for that 😊

Here is a final thought for this entry: Imagine every time your brain decides to go into its own world, what kind of story you would create?

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