Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

An open letter to humans of planet earth

Dear reader,

How are you this moment? Are you doing well? Happy? Sad? Numb? Not sure how to describe your emotional state? I want to know, it’s been awhile since I last checked on you.

What have you been doing, lately? Trying to get back on your feet? Putting your travel plans on “resume with caution” mode? Trying to make sense of the world? Talk to me. Do not be silent, I want to know.

If you are wondering, even if you are not, I will tell you anyways, I am doing okay myself. I have been doing a lot of surviving, lately. Surviving my mood swings, my tasks, my sense of self, my sense of accomplishment, my spirituality, my love to myself and others and life in general. It is all bad, I must admit, it has its own perks and pros. I can’t complain, after all, I am better everyday more than the day before because I am surviving. How about you? Are you still fighting the battle, or did you give up? Whatever the answer might be, I want to know.

How’s your physical and mental health? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you reading blogposts and motivational billboards with no intention of changing? Am I too pessimistic? Share your mind with me. Whatever you may say, I would want to hear. Whatever you may did, doing , or might do in the future, I want to know.

I have been doing okay on these regards. Trying to get myself together. Not worrying too much, but sometimes I do not do a very good job and get down the slope. But, that’s okay, I pick myself up. It is always a bad day, but it was never a bad life. I am grateful for that regard.

Did you know that this letter is intended to be for you? Yes, it is for you. I am writing it to you. I want to know about you, about your fears, your worries, and *As Rachel Greens, from the American sitcom Friends, would say “so, where you from?”. But, in my case, I do not want to pick you up or anything! I just want you to know, that no matter how hard or easy it is, you can always count on one stranger who will always try to make your life a bit easier for you. That stranger, is me :)

Yours sincerely,

The power of Good

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