Ps: you are loved

“The biggest gift in life is to love, and be love in return.” - Unknown

Indeed, one of the greatest blessings on this earth is being created with the ability of “love”. All creatures on this earth, and possible other universes too, are capable of love. Anyone/ thing with a heart, is able to feel and have emotions. How we choose to show it, totally up to us.

Some of us, choose not to show it. Others, feel the need to burry it deep down and appear “emotionless” instead, for whatever reasons. Few, choose to kill it all together and become this living form that is far from human and less of an animal. We are all born with good nature, it is just our intentions become distorted sometimes, and it is up to us how we correct it and bring it back on track again.

There is a balance in this universe that is created by love. Once it is taken away, over dosed, or diminished, this balance cracks and the universe starts to shake. You must be able to give love, in order to receive it. And, you can’t give or receive love if you do not love yourself first.

Once you establish a healthy relationship with yourself, you will be able to feel the love around you. You will be able to give love without making it ”toxic” and unbearable. Love is like any other emotion; if it is overused it suffocates and sometimes, kills and if it is used too little, it does not have a tangible effect - if any at all!

The trick is in making sure the amount of love you are giving out to yourself, and the universe, is met by an equal (if not greater) amount of love received. It’s almost impossible to give love, without reviving love - so, do not you worry about that.

The biggest enemy of love is taking the people around you for granted. The golden rule is to love life, to give love, and to be willing to receive it, as if you are dying the very next minute. We do live in uncertainty, and no one knows when are they are going to leave this earth. So, instead of dwelling in sorrows and regrets, let’s spend whatever time we have lift on this earth, loving and appreciating the life we are having. And most of all; loving and appreciating the ones who are giving and receiving love- us!

Love lifts us where we belong, where eagles fly on the mountains high

There is no life without love, and there is no love without life. Make sure you are doing your daily love dosage, and do not leave anyone (with a beating heart) out, especially YOU!


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