Here we go again

It is been a long time since the last time I have written something. But, you know, I have learned that it is okay to stay away from the online community for awhile. Being a writer is something I have been passionate about since a very young age, and I was not into it because people liked what I am writing, I was and still am, a writer because I want to. And, having said that, I wanted today's blog to be a re-cap about what it is about and its purpose - in case it is forgotten a long the busy-nature of life, and as a reminder for myself, as well.

I have started this blog to explore my interests in psychology and well-being. I wanted to share personal experiences which can help others deal with theirs and motivate them to keep going through hard times, if needed and whenever applicable. However, as the blog grew and as I have reached out to more inspirational individuals in my community, I have expanded my vision to include successful stories of women in my community. I wanted to encourage women to achieve their dreams while maintaining their well-being and mental health. Along the way, I was learning myself how to not loose focus on my goal and not to give up on my end-game.

In this blog, and under the category of success stories, the blog featured various women who chose to pursue their dreams and take their passion an extra mile by creating their own small businesses out of it. My favorite feature remains to be the entry written by Gada Helal about being human, alongside of many others who grant you a dose of motivation and inspiration. Below are some of the women I have featured on my blog, have a look and read their stories if you have not already, and get some needed dosage of positivity and good vibes.

In addition, if you are just feeling down and need to wind down, the blog is filled with music suggestions and feel-good articles. You just need to navigate your way across the different categories the blog is offering to find what suits your mood.

This is a project of a life time. I am very proud of it, and although it is not as famous or well-known as other blogs, still warms my heart that my community is benefiting from it and everyone who visits it gets something out of it. It is a work in progress and every now and then you will find something new and different about it. So, this is definitely not the end-product of this blog, so hold your breath and wait for more interesting topics. I have many in the pipeline!

This mini newsletter is brought to you by a full cup of happiness and a dash of joy and spoons filled with love and hopefulness :D

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