Not another motivational post

Trust me, I am more fed up than you with the whole "stay positive" and, "no bad vibes allowed". While they are encouraging and needed in such times, they are not realistic and set the bar "too high" for us to reach. Actually, there is a term for extreme happiness - elation "extreme, exhilarating joy. It has a sense of rising or expanding, even to the point of light-headedness." according to its' web definition. Do not get me wrong, we live to reach this level of joy and excitement, and some of us do not get to experience it. I am here to tell you it is totally okay not to feel it, and it is more so if you do not feel so all the time.

Do you know about bipolar disorder? if you click here, you will learn that it is neurotransmission dysfunction. It causes extreme mood swings: a period of over-exaggerated happiness followed by periods of extreme sadness. Both conditions are not healthy and tire up the brain. So, it is not sensible to ask you to be "happy" and "positive" all the time. Emotions are part of our biological makeup, it is normal to feel their full scale - the good before the bad. What is not; is to feel the negative emotions ALL the time.

There is a fine line between "I am feeling a bit stressed/anxious/down" and "I am anxious, stressed and sad". Once these states become your norm, that's when you start to worry and look for assistance. I can't tell how much anxiety and stress is bad for you, not only emotionally, but physically as well. They affect patterns of sleep, raise blood pressure, mess up the blood circulation to the brain, and that's only to name a few of their immediate dangers. Therefore, I can't leave you drowned in your own buddle of stress and anxiety all the time. Sometimes, we need a wake-up call to get ourselves out of the gutter and continue with our lives. Yes, do not be jolly all the time, but do not be a downer and overstressed all the time either.

The distinction, here, is balance. I know that some of you believe that there is no such thing as "work-life balance" and it is impossible to achieve, this might be true but, this is not what we are trying to balance. We are trying to balance the needs of our souls and the needs of our physical bodies - work; the sense of achievement, shopping; the sense of possession, and even love; the sense of belonging, are all physical needs and do not feed the soul. We try not to starve the soul, and to nourish it, because if it dies out - then you will reach the dangerous levels of anxiety and stress.

Be mindful, this is a whole new post, but for now, click here to have 10 easy tips for mindful living. Stay balanced and try not to go overboard with any emotion; whether it is good or bad.

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