Mindfulness at the time of Corona

How to maintain your calm and avoid panic

Yes, you guessed it right. I had to ride the wave and use it to the best benefit of my journey: maintaining well-being.

It is becoming clear that there is a justified panic wave all across the world for the rapid spread of Coronavirus, which is now has been classified as a pandemic by World Health Organization. I will not be in denial and tell you "Uff, what a myth! people are going crazy over nothing!" It is real and it is widely spreading. But, let me tell you this: "Mortality rate for SARS was 10%, and for MERS 34%. Virus, Death Rate. Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). 2%*. SARS." that means; you have a higher possibility to get a bad flue and die out of it than dying out of Corona!

It is important, now more than ever, to practice mindfulness: the practice of cultivating the mind to serve the body in the best intentions. This will help you regain your focus, give matters its right size and not trap yourself in jail of fear and overdramatic panic!

Are you keeping your exercises in check?

If you are having a schedule of going to the gym and exercise, which is a vital factor in preventing and treating mental problems, including, depression, you should continue with that schedule. If you do not have one, start having one - exercise gives the same symptoms as panic attacks: high heart rates, sweat, and blurry vision. With time, the mind will take those symptoms as a sign of safety, rather than linking it to danger and panic.

Do not keep your fear of catching the virus from going to your nearest gym or seeing your personal trainer. Take the necessary precautions, and keep your hygiene in check and move along with your day. Not because you are scared of catching the virus, which is very low considering other factors, you ignore your physical and mental health. You will end up getting sick, just because you are neglecting your daily activities and sheltering yourself in the jail of your own mind!

How about your peace of mind?

Please, do not indulge so much in the never-ending online conversations about the virus. While it is important to keep yourself informed about the happenings around you, it is equally important not to confine yourself in the news and forget your peace of mind. Take time to meditate and do something that does not include media - light some candles and enjoy some aromatic smells at your room, do some yoga, read a book and do your favorite skincare, listen to your playlist and sip your hot cup of tea. Do whichever routine you have to keep yourself balanced, informed, but maintaining the peace of mind at the same time. If you do not have a meditation/ break out routine - I urge you to find one and adapt it.

What about work?

It is an undeniable fact that the virus impacted the economy and politics all over the world. However, as a normal individual, you have to understand that you can't change the world, and you do not have the solutions for everything. Do your bit and do it devotedly and you will be fine. Do not overwork yourself and if you feel unwell, take a day off and work remotely, this virus makes this option more manageable nowadays!

You will be just fine if you focus on your health and mental peace. Work is important, but so is your health. Keep clean and move on should be the new motto! but that does not mean staying in your room with packs of sanitizers and a "no entry" sign on the door!

The point?

It is simple. You have to live your life, whether you believe that Corona is impacting you or not. Be careful, but do not kill your mental being with panic and fear and forget that life still moves on. The human race went through worse times and got out of it just fine. I do not think a virus, no matter how strong it is, will eradicate the human race... do not think it will go that way! do you?

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