Midnight Gospel

Can we talk about Netflix's original series Midnight Gospel, please?

It is the "The trippy extensional animation on Netflix" as Forbes's article described. The most accurate description of this production, I can't find a more suitable word than trippy. It reminds me of Adventure Time, a Cartoon Network production that I used to label as "someone was high on a toilet seat and wrote the scripts of that cartoon!". And I mean that in the nicest way, possible. The same can be said on The Midnight Gospel, but on a deeper and more mature level than Adventure Time. It is not something that can be digested, easily by kids, or most adults to be honest. I will attempt to explain it, the best way possible through this article, hoping that by the end of it, you will be tempted to watch it yourself.

Lancy, the main character of this show, is first seen in a place that looks like earth but has nothing to do with it. Filled with weird illustrations and odd geography. The dude has a zoo next to his house where all these light-grams are visible, each of them has a color that does something to you: melting your eyes, skin you alive, makes you into an egg, and so on. Hold on, Do you think that's odd? wait till you read the rest!

Lancy lives in a little spot which he calls "house" - personally I think of it as a space station but okay. Inside his "spot" - let's just say it is a spot for now - he has a full-on computer system which helps him through the day. Kind of like Alexa but more intelligent. Anyways, the computer created multiple universes for Lancy to choose from. After he chooses his planet/universe, the computer allows him to choose his avatar - he once went inside one of the universes as a musical rainbow! yupe. I assure you, I am not high! ( can't say the same about the creator of the show, though). The way he enters the universe chosen is a whole new level of "woooohooo, what did I just see!"

He goes into a weirdly shaped gate - and puts his head inside it (yes, you read that correctly) and merges into the universe. Pretty odd, huh? well, I have told you nothing!

The aim of his journeys into alternative universes is to get interviews from the creatures on these universes for his space podcast "The Midnight Gospel", or that's what he says during the show anyways. Prepare yourself for a total mind-blow...

Usually, when Lancy enters the universe - something ought to be happening in the universe. Zoombies attack, fish tanks robots trying to trade cats for magical substances, a hellish planet where a creature fell in love with a human who got swollen by another creature so creature one tries to get revenge for her lover and revive him back to life, the clown who eats creatures who eat baby clowns who then have a riot and everything just explodes into the abyss and so on. If you are still with me, clap your hands twice... alright take a breath and let's continue.

The interview has nothing to do with what's going on around the interviewee and the host. During the zombie attack; Lancy and his interviewee were talking about drugs and substance use! and during the whole clown shenanigans, they were talking about the concept of death and immortality, while on the hellish planet they were talking about the importance of tolerance.

I know, that's a lot to grasp in one read, therefore I recommend you to watch the animation. It is not for the light-headed though, so if you are high on weed or a natural light head - do not watch it, it will send you into space and you may never come back... alive. I have done my part and tried with the best of my ability to give you a little notion about what this show is all about. It is mental, and it will take more than a pair of eyes to watch it and embrace everything that is happening in it. So, my final words to you are these:

May you stay alive, and sane, after watching this animation.

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