May you always wear white

And not only on your wedding day...

White, what a wonderful colour, rarely I would find someone who does not like it. Matches, almost everything, and sends immediate peace and cheer upon one's soul. I have always loved it, but (ironically enough) I have never wore it enough. and I always associate it with one thing - weddings!

While, it is, mostly, culturally correct to associate this colour with weddings - as most brides across the world wear white for this day- but, that does not limit this colour to only this one single occasion. It is a serenity colour, and most people use this colour in their daily lives to send good vibes and to zin.

I was looking across an online platform today to do some needed shopping. I have stumbled upon a gorgeous dress. I immediately wanted to buy it. My fingers urged to click that "buy" button on my keyboard. My eyes dilated, my heart rate raced within my chest. It was a dramatic,and a fatal moment. I was going to hit the said button on my keyboard, when I suddenly stopped. It was a gorgeous white dress, and my mind went, immediately to "oh my God, it looks like a wedding dress, if I wear it everyone would think I am trying too hard!"

When I think about it now, I found myself at fault. The dress was gorgeous, maxi with a beautiful and delicate design. It was, clearly marked for casual wear. Why did I hesitate to buy it? I made a decision based an illusion in my head that while means weddings. Nothing else. Now, I am tempted to buy it and (i did, but a slightly different one!).

We should not limit our choices based on a pre-programmed ideas about certain things. Not because it is the "norm" of the society you live in, that makes it carved in stones. We are humans, and we have independent minds of our owns. We are not a herd of sheep, who follow without thinking. While a white wedding dress is a beautiful imagery, that I hope every girl get to fulfil one day (if she wants to), a white dress can also be a gorgeous gown you chose for a special occasion, or a casual dress you love to wear every now and then. Just because it is a white dress that means you are set for marriage. It is a colour, the same as blue, pink and every other colour out there. It is there to be used as the mind sees fit, not as the society sees fit. Colours are the weapons of creative minds, and it s what sets it apart from one another.

May you always wear white. And not just on your wedding day, but every day. White is peace, serenity, calmness, zin! who does not deserve any of those? every other human out there deserves calmness and mindfulness - white helps achieving that and making it true.

May the white be with you,


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