Mastering the art of "grace"

"Social intelligence is the capacity to know oneself and to know others."

"She handled this with such grace.", "He was so graceful about it.". It is an easy word, and it has such a beautiful melody to the ears. We hear it often, but rarely we can understand it and apply it in our daily lives. I am not the most "graceful" person you can find out there, but for me it is subjective and it differs from one person to the other.

As humans, we are born different - with various personalities that have many complexities. No two people are the same, regardless of how similar they can become. What is considered to be a "graceful act" for one person, can be completely "normal" and "nothing graceful about it" to another. It is the same as being kind, in my humble opinion. One person can be viewed as "kind" and the same person can be viewed as "toxic" to another. That's the peculiarity of the human race. It is both complex and fascinating!

Being graceful, for me, does not have a guide book. You do not have a step-by-step manual to tell you how to "behave, gracefully". It all depends on your own sense of social behaviors and what is, considered, to be accepted and mannered to you. For example; let's take the relationship topic. How to act gracefully during relationships arguments and breakups. Something that has been a dilemma for the human race since the dawn of time. It is still a mystery to me, however, for the past years, I have learned a thing or two about "graceful behaviors" from my own perspective.

It is very hard to maintain good relationships with breakups and people who chose to leave, or you chose to let go off. While it is important not to burn bridges between you and others, it is also important to keep your dignity in check and not "chase" people. Some people are not meant to be in your life, the universe will give you signs that this is the case. Do not ignore them, embrace the signs, and let go as smoothly as you can. Forcing relationships to work, while it is clearly screaming "let go" is very unhealthy, and it will make you stress and doubt yourself. I have gone through multiple times, still do. The best thing, I found to be working for me, is to just let go silently and without causing any fuss. That's not giving up. It is simply, letting go as gracefully as it is possible for you.

To make things easier for you, always choose to walk away peacefully while attempting to fix the patches along the way. If it does not work, and it keeps failing you and breaking you down - then, it is a clear sign to let go and stop fighting. Sometimes, the most graceful thing you can do is to accept letting go and moving along. It is hard to leave people behind, but it is harder to fight for people who do not want to stay. Once you realize that and understand that, it is when you really master the art of gracefulness.

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