Keep Battling On

I have been living on this earth for several years, now. Throughout these years I have always tended to choose the easy way. Not the lazy way, the easy way - as in I chose to settle over taking a risk, being safe over being happy, and being traditional over just being myself.

Lately, however, this has been changing. I have been seeing myself for its true worth. I have been slowly pealing off my shell and showing my true colors to the world. To be honest, this is not an easy journey. It is filled with pumps and holes which I am, willing, falling into every now and then.

Baring yourself naked and showing your true self to the world can be daunting and overwhelming. Most of the time, humans tend to hide, to shelter themselves, and not to show so much skin to the world. It is because we are scared, scared of the reactions. Scared of rejections, judgments, and hear-says...

I could be talking about myself more than anything, but what I am going through is revealing- and can happen to anyone of you, if you just allow it to happen. It is powerful. Discovering who you are is a constant journey and accepting the being you are is another journey, altogether. I have been on this journey as long as I can remember, and that's okay. Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to know who you really are!

Validation of self-worth should come from within, not from the outside world. I am slowly learning to do so, I am teaching myself to seek acceptance from within myself and not from people around me.

It is an ongoing journey, and as it is the case of any journey we decide to take on this life - it has its ups and downs. I fall more than I rise, but what counts at the end of the day how often you pick yourself up after every fall. You can sink in your failures, darken your mind and stay in a sinkhole for a long time, I tried this before, but at the end of the day, you will watch the world move around you while you are, painfully, standing still where you are!

The secret of survival is fighting! to keep on battling on until you get what you want. With every fall, become stronger and with every battle scar gain more strength. Before you know it, you will become invincible.

There is nothing called "I have failed so many times before". Failure is a way to show you what's tp avoid to succeed. It is a lesson; we should not let it consume our being. The real failure is when you let the downfalls of your life control you and take hold of you.

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