In A Faraway Land

"Hello? are you okay?" you fiddled your fingers with your phone while starring at its screen on the face of a person you used to hug every day, but now you only see.

"Yes love, you do not need to worry. We still got each other." the person said with the widest smile. A beam of warms came right through the screen. You have never been further away and yet you felt closer than ever.

"Are you staying safe?" you say loudly. You did not mean to sound so norratic but the feeling of worry took control over your emotions. You looked at the screen with wide eyes and a pounding heart with beats that can be heard through the screens.

"Sweetheart, you need to calm down. I am here. I am safe and alive." the person laughed when they said that. They did not realize that joking about it was not acceptable to you. You rolled your eyes and sighed. The person kept smiling throughout the call, giving you the feeling that everything is going to be okay.

"You know I care about immensely, it is the only reason why I am acting like a mom!" you looked at the screen with piercing eyes and clinched to its edges with your fingers. You were wondering if the person you realized how hard is it for you to speak but not feel, to see but not live, and to talk but not heard.

"I know honey, it is the only reason I am tolerating your obsessive worry," they said it lightly with a smirk on their face and affectionate eyes. They can see that you are getting upset and fueling for a dispute. They widened their eyes and you saw a spark that you have never seen before. "I know what will make you feel better!" the person said suddenly and said:

"Close your eyes."

So, you did.

"Put your hands on your heart."

You took a deep breath, but you did.

"Feel its heartbeats." they placed their own hands-on their heart, as well. "Feel the rhythm, feel the blood pumping into your veins."

You crossed your eyebrows, thinking that is ridiculous, but you have trust in them. So, you did as told.

"Reach your other hand on the screen." and at that moment they did the same.

You did and suddenly you felt a warm feeling you have never experienced before. You have inhaled the hot air around you and pressed against the screen a little stronger.

After what felt like an internity, they slowly opened eyes and said gently with the widest grin on their face "how are you feeling beautiful?"

You did not have words to express the warmth that enveloped your soul. You opened your eyes to, only see their hands gently touching the tips of your through the screen. You can swear that you are feeling their touch and living every single spark of care and love they have for you. You could not say a word, you just looked at the screen with teary eyes. And you managed to get words out of your mouth you, finally, said: "I feel I am finally home." and grinned with a fluttering heart.

They pressed their fingers against the screen, looked at you with the warmest heart and kindest smile. "I am too." and that was the best connection they have had in years past.

Love knows no boundaries, care knows no fences. With them and a sparkle of hope and a dash of faith, we will pass through anything. Keep the love alive and sing it louder to those who matter the most. It will only get better from here.

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