Impossible is a myth

Feeling down, and you do not want to move forward, anymore? or, you want to and you are so fired up and need a "sign" to keep moving forward? whether you are this, or that, this post will be right up your alley. A push towards the direction of growth and a milestone into the tower of success and determination.

Meet Abdulla Alaydaroos; a young university guy who has faced hardships, and challenges from a very young age. Yet, who was able to overcome, and rise above them. A true example of determination and hard work melded into a fine young man.

Abdullah has been suffering from a brain injury due to an unfortunate accident. This has caused him to become a person of determination - a well-appropriate term the United Arab Emirates started using for people with special needs (whether physically, or mentally).

As he grew up, Abdullah was faced was a lot of judgment from a society based on how he looked due to his injury - and unjustifiably so. He faced hard times trying to adapt and accept himself amidst the harsh screams of those around him.

This led him to develop thick skin. Instead of going into a non-ending cycle of depression; he got motivated to get involved in the betterment of himself and those around him. The young student is set to become a motivational figure for those who suffer similar disabilities like him, and to everyone around him, through his dedicated "lift me up", and inspirational posts.

Abdullah is the light in a very dark road. His nonshivering spirit and sense of accomplishment are enough to move a solid rocked mountain, not only humans. He rose above his circumstances, did not allow his disability to be an obstacle, instead, he turned it to be a motive to continue his road and climb his own mountain of success.

Besides his growing Instagram page, Abdullah is also involved in a community initiative is set to help those in need of emotional, physical, and monetary support. So, not only an iron fist but a kindred soul and a kind heart to complete the set of a beautifully inspirational human.

He is your sign today, to get up from your gutter puddle and move forward. He is your mark to start that one road you always wanted to take but were too scared to embark on it. He is that one guy who you turn on your notifications for, because his posts always boost you up, and never fails to draw a smile on your face. He is that human who is meant to be great and known by many, not just his community and close ones.

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Stay humble

Stay Kind

Stay Safe

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