Have you checked in with yourself?

There is a reason why I do not write as often as every day. Sometimes I do, but I try my best to leave time gaps between each post. Not for anything other than giving myself time to breathe offline, and without looking into a screen. For the past week, I have been busy socializing with the outside world. Staying in for a long time, due to Corona made me forget how to communicate with people outside the internet realm, I needed to refresh my memory :D I have been focusing on creating graphics for my Instagram: @deviousexplorer_, and although is an online activity, it does not involve me reading news about anyone or anything, so it still counted as a "mental break".

For me, I used these techniques to disconnect. But, you can try so many different things like drawing, reading, more family communication (which I did as well), and self-checks - asking yourself "how are you feeling?" "did you achieve your goals this week?" "do you want a mental break?" be your own therapist for awhile. Disconnecting from the uproaring modern world we live in today is crucial to maintain mindfulness and mental wellbeing. You can't put yourself under pressure all the time. You are only a human, and you will break down if you do not take a break recharging to be able to keep going!

Listening to friends can also be tiring for the mind, allow yourself some time for yourself. You do not have to involve "people" in this process. It is just you getting to know you - sort of speak. It will help you maintain perspective and keep your goals intact. That does not mean avoid talking to friends, but measure yourself, and see how much you can take from other people telling you about their lives. Filter out energies and keep the good ones, you do not need to carry the burden of the world, carry your own burden to be able to carry others around you (those who matter, of course).

So, have you checked in with yourself lately? and if not, what are you waiting for? do it now!

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