Growing and Glowing

In today's day and age; there is an outbreak of online communities and groups from all sorts and from everywhere in the world. COVID19 made things, even more, connected to the vast web of the internet; people are glued to their electronic gadgets trying to connect with their social circles, pass time, or finding the right groups to support them during the crisis. And, that's only to name a few ways you can benefit from the rise of connectivity this pandemic threw upon us.

Online communities exist to help you in many ways - whether it is socially, personally, or professionally. It depends on what you look for and which groups you are joining. For example; I am a writer and aiming to develop my writing skills, therefore I join writing groups to gain constructive feedback and be part of an active community who share the same line of thinking as me. I am grateful for such groups, I have gained so many friends out of it and my perception about many things, have been changed (to the better) thanks to intellectual members who value opinions, and ready to give what they know - even if it is for free. In such groups is the perfect opportunity to grow and to give yourself the space to speak up and be who you are, to become stronger and more confident in what you are doing. But, COVID19 should not be the sole reason behind you wanting to grow.

"This is the perfect time to work on yourself and grow." a phrase I have been seeing for such a long while, now. You were not working on yourself, before? what were you doing? and you really want to go back to a time where you did not do anything but wake up and wonder when you will go back to bed again? this is a "normal" life for you? I am aware that there are individuals who were happy with their lives, and there are individuals who are happy with theirs now. Both are applauded for, I would not want anyone to be anything but happy and content with their lives. But, my point is the chance to grow and prosper appear at any point in time, not only "during these hard times." Yes, hardships show the true colors of your will, but you should not wait for hardships to occur so yo move and make a change. Do the change whenever you have the chance, regardless of the circumstances.

There is always room to become the best version of yourself, every single minute of every day. Do not let others tell you otherwise, doomed are those who think that change is not possible. The only thing that is constant is the word "constant", everything/everyone else is bound to change at one point. Your job is to make sure that this change is for the better not the worse. That your growth journey is one that suits you, not the society around you. That you are changing because YOU want to change, not because "someone told you to." There remains the essence of growth and success: the will and determination to have them. We are stubborn creatures, by nature. If we set our minds into doing something we will do it, and we will succeed in it. After all, we are the species who landed on the moon and created 3D printers! I think wanting to grow wold not be that hard for us!


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