Going an extra mile

Today I add an extra flavor to my journey death towards mindfulness and well-being. Being an active advocate, studying and choosing mental health as a career can be a very overwhelming choice; especially if your college study program is a bit different than psychology - as it is the case with me. However, with a little determination with a dash of motivation and going the extra mile - everything can be possible.

This is a hopeful message for those who think that dreams are impossible to achieve. As I was, randomly, browsing my Instagram, I came across a story shared by one of my favorite bloggers Manal Rostom. She announced in the story that she will extend her series of #MondayswithMani - a mini-series where she comes live with one of her followers to discuss a topic - to make it every day, in light of the recent changes in the world where everyone is obliged to spend more time at home and indoors. She encouraged followers to send her emails if they want to appear in one of her videos and they can discuss whichever topic they wish to.

I do not, usually, run into opportunities like that. I thought to myself, she has a genuine and applauded community of followers and being live with her will give me the chance to make my message heard on a larger scale! it was my golden moment to seize and to take. So, I emailed her and being the kind and wonderful person she is, she booked a slot for me. I am to go live with her tonight, 10 PM - Dubai time! to be honest, even if it is only 3 people who tune in, it will be so much better than doing this on my own.

People like Manal allow others to shine, as well as their own. Selfless with all measures and they give me hope that tomorrow is better and more beautiful than today. I thank God for making me cross pass with such an iconic character who I admired for years and I thank destiny for giving me the chance to open my mouth and make my voice hear, more, through her channel.

To follow the discussion; tune in to her Instagram stories on


The video did not go through because of technical difficulties, yet, the kind human was so open for another slot. So, see you all next Tuesday, InshAllah.

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