May The Good Forever Be in Your Favor

Igniting that ray of light you have left dusting over the shelf, for quite sometime now, is not an easy process but is not impossible either. Every now and then, life gives us all the reasons to be dull, loose hope, and give in to darkness. It is up to us whether we want to give in to that darkness, or fight our way out of it, and into the light. The fight can be tiring, but the outcome is worth every battle you take on and every strength you have invested in it, to make it through. On that account, I would like to introduce myself and what I do - maybe, I am that light for you.

My name is Lamiya, and I am the Co-founder and Public Relations Director for Al Sami listening therapy. A place where you can trust a group of professionals with your life, and trust me, you will be at good hands. It began in 2017 in the form of an app created by Founder and Creative Director, Malak Rose. Since then, it has evolved into one-on-one private listening therapy sessions for men, women , and children.

Listening therapy is the art of listening without giving advice that allows the speaker the freedom to very seen and heard without interference or opinion.

The simple act of listening is something that we believe to be missing from this fast-paced world we live in today. Taking 30 minutes from your day helps to bring contentment and adds untold amounts of value into your everyday life.

Our clients explain that they feel calm, peaceful, and hopeful after each session, and have more clarity and happiness in their lives.

We hope to bring light to the world by helping to reduce the rate of suicide, loneliness, and depression. We want to inspire a world where light shines from the faces of the people by promoting a healthier sense of self and self-worth.

All 1st listening therapy sessions are FREE for the month of April.

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Al Salm Listening Therapy

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We look forward to listening to you.

Lamiya ✨