Despite it all, we move on

The world is moving, it is not stopping. Everyone is doing their bit, the best way they see fit. Today, I will share an initiative from my place of residence; the United Arab Emirates. Mental Health, as I always preach and actively advocate, is an important factor in maintaining the overall well-being of your body and soul. Therefore, more and more people are putting it into consideration and emphasizing its importance. More now, than ever.

Thrive; a well-being center in the UAE is creating something that is so important, yet easily forgotten. a mental health care unit for new moms and what a convenient time this is for such a great initiative!

"Thrive Wellbeing Centre will open the UAE’s first maternal mental health unit. Thrive’s Maternal Mental Health Unit is a team of four psychologists whose expertise and passions are dedicated to supporting people in their parenting journey, and the difficulties it can often present." This extracted from their PR agency and to be honest, it is exciting to know that this sector of the society is not forgotten and that it is taken care of. Especially now.

Taking care of yourself during this time is vital, and for new parents; this can be daunting. Not only now, but at any given time. Having a child is a huge responsibility and it can cause anxiety and depression. Seeking professional guidance and help is always recommended in these cases.

"Thrive’s Maternal Mental Health Unit offers access to four fully qualified specialists, dedicated to different areas of support. All four are mothers, passionate about their roles, and their blend of cultures and languages extends the unit’s reach to a broad group of families and individuals that may need help." wow - so you will be taken off and you will be assured that you are in good and qualified hands.

It is good to talk to a friend or a family member, but sometimes talking to a professional will help you gain a better perspective about matters and it will allow you to see things more clearly.

Taking care of parents is the essence of a healthy society. This a great milestone towards the journey of holistic well-being and mindfulness. I hope more institutes follow the steps of Thrive.

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