For The Love Of Beauty

Waking up in the morning; feeling happy, and content is not as easy as it sounds. It is a little blessing, but some people stay a lifetime to achieve, and others do not at all. Contentment and happiness are the core essence of peace and happiness, it is why humans spend their lifetimes looking for them. Our story today touches upon those concepts, and tells you no matter what stage you are at in your life, it is never too late to pursue your own happiness and peace of mind.

Meet Batoul Malatyali, a graduate in English Literature from Aleppo University and has been the head of the customer service of for more than eleven years.Then, Batoul decided to leave her job and start her own journey pursuing her passion.

Batoul embarked on the journey of customized embroidery. With the help of her husband, who is an artist himself, she found herself creating her own empire of beauty done by her own hands. She started this business, recently, and the craft has nothing to do with her studies or work experience, and yet she took the risk and embraced her talent and made it into beautiful designs embroidered with love and passion.

She has her own Instagram page - under the name of "She Mahrouf"- which is an Arabic phrase for "Something Crafted". Even the name itself gives you a sense of her passion for crafts and art.

This story is, yet another, manifestation that it is never too late to pursue your passion. No matter how far you are into your career, if you have a talent that you want to invest in, do it, and take risks. Do not be afraid of failure, do not say "no one does that, it is too late for me" if Batoul did it, so can you. She did it while she is married and a mother, someone you look at and say "okay, now that's someone to encourage me to take on my own journey".

Mental well-being and peacefulness are crucial for living a healthy life. You can't claim that you are living okay, while you wake up every morning dreading your work and having thoughts of never getting out of bed. You have to look inside you and dig out your buried talents and light up your passions, again. For Batoul, it was embroidery. For you, it could be writing, art, painting, crafting, fashion, wellness, or even graphic design. There is no limit to what a human with a passion can do. You, just, need to make sure you have a passion and that you are not living your life just like that... with no purpose.

Find your passion, and focus on your journey. The signals are all around us, we just need to look for them and not let them pass us by.

You are the owner of your life, not your circumstances, and not your negative thoughts about how miserable you are.

You have the keys to your own peace and happiness. Do not look for them outside of you, they are inside you. You just need to dig deep to get them out, and on to the surface.

Batoul should be your motivation to move. To not standstill. And, to start your passion, now. Not tomorrow, not in an hour. NOW!

Stay Kind

Stay Humble

Stay Safe