Up For a Hand?

One day before Christmas, an occasion that is meant to spread joy, hope, and re-arrange your thoughts towards a more positive outcome. While you may not be among those who celebrate it, but you must be captured by its' joyful vibes and spiritual atmosphere. The holidays can be a beautiful time to join family and loved ones, or it can be very lonely for those who can't join with their loved ones, or those who do not have the means to celebrate the occasion. Therefore, this blog has been written, to show more acts of kindness during this holiday season.

While, this year, you may not have the chance to travel home to your loved ones, or have them near, due to the current COVID situation. However, this did not stop people all around the world to spread joy and love wherever they are and however they can. One of those people is Aamer Al Yafei, who created an initiative, along with a dedicated team, to help those in need - not only during the holidays but - all year long, 24/7.

The UAE Relief Initiative, a nongovernmental and nonprofitable organization made by ordinary people like you and me to assist those who are in need. This is done through the collective efforts of the group members and the admins of the group: Aamer Al Yafei, Lamiya Rasheed, and Aisha Ahmad Khalil.

Admins post about a case that requires support and ask members to step up and help if possible. Those cases are investigated and well studied before they get posted. Aisha, Lamiya, and Aamer make sure that the cases posted in the group are legit and they do require help and assistance.

These humans are only a few examples of how kindness can be applied, not only during this holiday season but any time of the year. There are many Facebook groups that offer emotional, tangible, and monetary support, and they appeared more frequently during COVID spread as more and more people got affected and out of jobs because of it.

This initiative is the manifestation of kindness, and that giving is the true core factor of life, itself. Their latest contribution is an inspiring story of Maria France Vizcaya a cancer survivor who fought along with the team of the initiative and who got the chance to celebrate Christmas because of the collective efforts of the initiative members and admins.

"I would like to thank everyone who care and supports me. You are all blessing to me. I am so grateful for sharing your love on this Festive Holiday Season. Thank-you UAE Relief Initiative for helping people like me.#noonefightsalone" Maria France Vizcaya

Do not give up on being kind this holiday season, and make sure it's your virtue in life. Nothing better than drawing a smile on someone's face because of an act you have done :)

Stay safe

Stay humble

Stay kind

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