Bye Bye Sadness

Sometimes, your struggles bring out the best of you - or the worst, if you allow them to. After many years of allowing them to get the worst of me; I decided to utilize my struggles to my best interests. I realized turning those struggles into challenges will make me extract the best out of them and use them to my best purpose. One of the things I got out of those challenges is a brand new way to cope with negative emotions.

I have been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder since seven years ago. One major side effect of that disorder is chronic depression and mood swings. As a way to cope with my borderline mood swings and depression episodes; I have managed to create a way to make it durable and containable.

I started taking pictures (selfies) of me while I was having a good time and capture it with something I want to say to any soul out there who caused me pain and hurt. That way; I get out of any negative feelings that might be dwelling inside me without harming myself or others in the process.

Usually, being an impulsive individual, whenever I think of something I want to tell to people who no longer exist in my life I do the following: I either send, or contact them with whatever I say, cry it out and also contact them, or I just talk it out with a friend. The latter is a good mechanism to cope with feelings - it is actually a cognitive therapy method. However, while talking to a friend is great, my way is more creative to my brain.

It stimulates my creative process by coming up with catchy captions for my images and use it to channels my feelings in the right direction.

I think the human mind is capable of doing so many great things, only if we allow it to. I allowed my mind to alter what used to set me down and hold me down, to something that keeps me going forward. It is a milestone I am proud of and I hope it helps anyone who reads it as well.

Stay well X

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