Breathing Hope

Let me walk you through a five minutes meditation that might help you distress and regain focus. I think we all need to do that, now more than ever, and we have to put extra emphasis on how to be mindful and present in the moment. At this pace, and if we keep ignoring our mental well-being, if the virus will not affect us, the fear and stress will!

Go into your room, switch off the lights or dim it - make the atmosphere convenient to your peace. Make it a space that will give you a sense of serenity and relaxation. After that; create a comfortable environment in your safe space - whether it is your room, your garden, an empty space, wherever is going to give you the maximum amounts of calming energy.

Please make sure you are ALONE, and not in groups - we want to be present, but also we need to be safe and healthy.

Place some scented candles into your space, make sure you are placing the scents which will make you relax and at ease. Perhaps some aromas that will transfer you into a favorite place; nature, sea, an island somewhere, whichever will make you in a happy state of mind.

After setting your space right, close your eyes and get yourself positioned in the most comfortable way - whether it is sitting or laying down. Then, inhale from your mouth and exhale out your nostrils. During the process focus on the feeling of air going in your body into your chest and down to your abdomen. Sense the movement of your chest going up and down. Try to feel the beats of your heart. Keep breathing and concentrate on the process.

If you are distracted by your surroundings, do not stress or dismiss these distractions. Address them, identify what are the things which cause you to move away from your breathing exercise. Is it someone speaking outside? is it the noise of your own thoughts? whatever it is, pin down and re-focus on the breathing. Keep doing that until you master being present in the moment without getting drifted away from outside surroundings.

Breathe, relax and be sure that if you got through yesterday, you will get through today.

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