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When beauty meets art and talent.

"Wow, that's so beautiful! have you considered turning this into a business?" how many times have you heard this phrase across your life? and even if you did not hear it, I bet there is (at least) one person within your circle who has a buried talent or passion. But, how many people took that venture and turned it into a tangible reality? I would like to believe that a large percentage of talents invest their skills into tangible achievements.

Although our understanding of "achievement" differs, the concept remains a vital factor into a happy and fulfilling life. It gives us a sense of pride and can boost our self-confidence, which is a prominent factor in a healthy and balanced personality. We tend to dig deep into ourselves to uncover a hidden gem or a buried skill. Our story today uncovers talent, art, and craft.

Meet Hadeer Hesham; a beautiful entrepreneur who chose to take on her passion into a successful business. I do not want to label Hadeer as a "House Wife", rather, I will call her a young woman who chose to work on her talent and skills instead of burying them deep inside her without a ray of light. After all, she did graduate from the Faculty of Commerce, at Cairo University, and worked as a teacher for many years.

Hadeer has always had an eye for elegant accessories that meet the needs of every woman out there. She started venturing in this, four years ago and started designing her own pieces of jewelry. When she found positive feedbacks about her work, she decided to start her own brand, four years ago.

"I'm collaborating with designers from many countries to deliver affordable, elegant handmade women's accessories. I'm famous for my silver-plated sets and handmade but now has extended my lines to many more" Hadeer said when I asked her about her brand.

Hadeer is a bold statement that says "nothing is impossible, too small or late to do." if you have the passion and derive, nothing will stand in your way. Do not be stuck in something you do not like just because it gets you "food on the table". Turn the things you love and care about it into something you will be proud of. I am sure Hadeer feels great about her brand, and everyone is entitled to feel that way. If Hadeer did it, so can you.

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Stay kind.

Stay Safe.