Little did we know

The key factor of staying in your "blissful" bubble, is to think of the tiny little details of your life and appreciate them. I have been practicing this for some time, and while I am no where near mastering it, but I can confidently say it is been helping my mood tremendously.

Amidst the routine of, most, of our daily lives - we forget the little things which makes our day worth living for. It could be as simple as the ability to wake up, to having that one person that you can turn to whenever you need a hand.

Every living soul on this planet have something to appreciate - the very act of surviving and being alive is worth your gratitude.

Most of us, especially this year, are not happy with where they are in life - but the fact that you are able to feel this and think is a blissing by itself. You are not required to be positive 24/7 because that's, simply, impossible. But, yourself have the right to have a break once in awhile from all the pressures we put it through on daily bases. Sometimes, you just need to stop thinking and being anxious. It is not easy to do that, but it is not impossible either.

In order to feel good, you have to understand that there is no guidebook to feeling happy or even okay. No matter how many blogs, like this one, you read or motivational posts you come across, if you do not want to feel good, you will never do. More often than never, we need to "force" ourselves to be okay with our current situations to be able to pass it and get through it. I have, what I would like to call, a magic phrase which helps me to get through any situation that causes me discomfort.

"This too, shall pass"

A colleague of mine used to tell me that every time she saw me stressing out, or crying at work. And ever since, I have been carrying it around with me. No matter how tough the situation might have been, I have always managed to pass it through, because I have certainty that I have greater things to appreciate, than to be disappointed with.

The very fact that I have this phrase to get me through discomfort, is a blissing that not everyone has.

You have the right to breathe and break out from the mundane vibes of your daily life, It is hard to achieve, as most of the times we are too busy to just stay still, close our eyes and breathe. But, I encourage you to do that once in awhile, no matter what you are doing. Your mind need its rest, so give it what it needs and make sure you remind yourself that you have so much to be grateful for, and more to live for.