A few years from now

My writings are not, entirely, selfless. I must admit, that there are some hidden agendas behind them. While it would be my, absolute, pleasure to make these pieces without any personal gains, I would be lying if I said they are not. Humans are selfish by nature, or this is what I believe. Regardless of how "selfless" the act may seem, it will still come down to personal needs/desires or wants. Either to feel good, to have the joy of recognition, to be loved and appreciated, or (just like it is in my case) to be understood.

I started off with, pure, personal reasons; to make my life story known, to echo my worries, to reflect fears, to gain some empathy for my struggles, etc. However, as I matured and became more versified with my topics and how I write, I switched my aim to a less selfish goal, nevertheless, selfish. I wanted my writings to change me, so I can change the world. A little bit wider than myself, yet serves my own desire to feel accomplished and impactful. Having said that, here is some "I wants" for you to know - it will help to spread my message and widen the reach of my goal :)

I want to write, and keep on writing, to the point the people will no longer recognize me for how I look, rather of what I wrote.
I want to write for the world to see my culture and where I came from like any other place in the world, with its own flaws and defects - yet- along with its quirkiness and peculiarities.
I want the world to drop its prejudices against religion and culture. To see the difference between blind practices and true faith.
I want the world to respect my veil and attire, as much as they want me to respect how they dress and behave.
I want the world not to mock my religion just because it does not suit their needs, and to have a free of judgment community where I can enjoy a conversation with another human being without referring to its sex, gender, race, or religious backgrounds.
I want the world to hear me for me, not for who I am in the society or how I look.

I want to write, so I can inspire myself strong enough to inspire those around me

So, what are YOUR "selfish" desires?

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