The Paradox Cube Of Love

“Some times words stand helpless in the presence of the unseen emotions stirring inside your head and flaming your heart in the process".

For the sake of sanity, you stumble upon posts and hoping that in some way posting them would make you feel better, it will bring peace and justice to your unsettling minds. That's why we tend to share posts and "memes" hoping that they will get your unspoken words across, the words that you can't say but feel, very deeply.

It is a secret weapon of lovers and a sealed shield for infatuation and desire- that's the power of the written word, and it is why I chose it as my virtue to roam this world. Without the written words, humans will devour their emotions and overuse their feelings in a way that can't be described nor comprehended. Amen to the days when love letters were sent with a dose of love, need and longing. Alas to a world lacking kindred souls and flaming hearts.

Love is never a bad thing and it can't bring anything "negative" or "undesired" into your life. If it does, then it is not love - it is something else, perhaps lust or something that shields itself as love but it is draining you into its pit hole instead. Love is a positive concept and it is associated with everything beautiful and divine, once you begin to feel that it is pain and heartache then it is not love. "It lifts us where we belong." as Ewan McGregor said in Moulin Rouge.

Words are the gateway to the soul, the open doors to the mind, and sometimes – just sometimes- they stand clueless, dwelling in the presence of the very own existence of the unspoken and restless heart.

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