101: Mannerism

"It is not about what you need to say. It is about the way you say what you need to say" - Unknown.

Have you ever got the feeling of kicking someone in the ba*** after receiving a reply from them?

Adapt and move on

Say it forward. Say it nicely.

A further indication that a basic behavioral analysis or basic psychology course is beneficial for your career development as a PR or a journalist.

The above professions depends mostly, if not entirely, on communicating with people. Such is the case with, almost, all professions across all fields. Therefore, one of my research thesis statements is to make Psychology an obligatory course in schools so our future generations gain basic human skills that are lacking today.

How you phrase your emails and address people reflects the person you are. While in a professional environment; it is almost impossible to cater to everyone's sensitivity needs - there is an interesting concept called "positive before negative.

For instance; if a colleague or a client sends you a personal request on your work e-mail and you want to tell them not to do that because it is "unprofessional". Instead of saying: "please, do not send any more emails to my work email. It is monitored and tracked. It is unprofessional." say "I appreciate your email; why do not you send me all your requests on my personal email since this is my work email?" that way; your message is delivered and the other person is not beaten into a bulb with negativity.

Most people, not even professionals alone, lack the application of this simple concept. You will maintain a better relationship with everyone around you if you apply it. I

If you already applying it. I applause you, well done!

Please; choose your words carefully - so many people lost their lives for simple words that others thought will make no difference and made an entire life change for them.

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