Building castles in the skies

Enlighten your life with the fresh breath of exotic music vibes

Close your eyes, put your headphones on and and transfer to a parallel universe of extreme emotions and alluded elation.

That's how you feel when you tune in to one of Hadi's songs. As a music enthusiast; I can confirm that Hadi has managed to capture, not only my attention, but my soul every single time he releases a new single or launch an album.

In a world that is driven by emotions; Hadi stirs the wheels of your deepest senses to adapt to the fast based life around you. He takes into a reckless ride of complete isolation. Your mind slowly drifts into an alternative space; where time is meaningless and only your senses are awakened.

Eckhart Tolle; the renowned author of the best selling book - The Power of Now mentioned in his book the importance of living in the moment. I think listening to Hadi sings is the true manifestation of living the moment and feeling the now. His voice penetrates your deepest thoughts leaving your mind unguarded and your heart wide open. I would not be surprised if a listener decided to fall in love with him after hearing one of his tracks!

There is a difference between hearing and listening. One can listen, but few can hear. It is up to the audible text to decide how it wants to be preserved. Hadi's words decided to be heard, not only listened to. It forces you to hear them, to feel their meaning and live their truth through your own self of being.

Forgive me if I sound philosophical, or if my writing feels like I am talking about a mythical creature with magical powers of healing. But, hear his music yourself and be the judge - you will give me my excuses once you experience the true meaning of the phrase "it takes you there!"

You can follow Hadi's journey on his insatgram: @Hadiplaysmusic and indulge your senses with his music, through his Youtube page, under the same name. I will not write more, I will let you be a judge.

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